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What you are looking for are reliable contract development and manufacturing services for biopharmaceuticals and biosimilars. What you really need is a competitive advantage. You will find both with Patheon.

Innovation Built On Core Services and Proven Quality

From preclinical development to commercial supply, companies around the world count on us for flexible solutions and high-quality products delivered on-time and on-budget. With access to all cell lines, supported by global manufacturing through standard fed-batch, perfusion and chromatography processes, as well as several unique technologies we’re helping customers maximize their competitive advantage and address unmet needs in a sustainable way. 

  • Broad capabilities and experience across all aspects of bioprocessing from early and late development through cGMP manufacturing.
  • Exceptional quality, reliability and regulatory track record.
  • Years of experience spanning all commercial cell lines: CHO, myeloma, hybridoma, PER.C6® and others.
  • In depth expertise and breadth of resources to ensure you receive the best solutions for your molecule, timeline and budget.
  • Flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs and changes in market conditions.
  • Scalability built in at the earliest phases for a seamless path through development to commercial supply.
  • Dedicated project management for consistency, transparency and momentum.
  • Continual investment in advanced technologies throughout our integrated global network of facilities.

With Patheon you will have access to leading-edge technologies and facilities, innovative services and unique financing opportunities that are revolutionizing how biopharmaceutical are made.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our integrated global network includes a brand-new facility in Brisbane, Australia that is referred to as a “model for the future.”
Unique Financing Opportunities: Working with Patheon can open the door to unique tax rebate and grant programs available in Australia.
XD® Technology: A patented breakthrough upstream process technology for maximizing yields up to 25 times typical processes, while ensuring cost efficiency and reducing timelines.
RHOBUST® Technology: A downstream process technology that significantly reduces timelines while maintaining the highest quality.
Technology Licensing: Establish innovative XD® and RHOBUST® technologies in-house to optimize the performance of your own facilities.

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As your strategic partner, Patheon will help you succeed with innovative solutions that deliver cost-efficiency, maximum yields, reduced timelines and manufacturing agility. Proven solutions that are as reliable as they are tailored to your needs.

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