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Throughout our global network of facilities, Patheon offers large-scale cGMP packaging for solid and sterile dose forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids, and powders. From primary packaging through secondary packaging, we can provide you with a finished product approved for distribution in markets around the world.

Patheon gives you the flexibility and efficiency to package for multiple markets from a single batch, or produce mass supply for a single market. Our available capacity is significant, and we can quickly adapt an existing line to meet your long-term and short-term needs.

Primary packaging

  • Bottles
  • Thermoform blister packs
  • Cold form blister packs
  • Sachets

Secondary packaging

  • Labels
  • Shipping cartons
  • Shrink-wrapped pallets

Patheon is an efficient and cost-effective alternative for customers who in the past contracted with multiple third-party vendors to deliver their full supply chain needs. With the same level of expertise and quality as any specialized company, Patheon makes it possible for you to have your packaging directly aligned with full-service pharmaceutical manufacturing, thus consolidating your supply chain. Plus you'll have access to expert guidance:

Component Specification
Packaging Alternative Testing USP and child resistance
Stability Testing Normal and accelerated

As illustrated in the case study below, often customers will find it makes good business sense to have Patheon augment their in-house capabilities or fully take on a product line. No matter what your needs, you can count on Patheon for high-quality packaging.

Case Study: Expanding Capacity with Flexible Packaging Services

The Challenge Due to capacity constraints at their own facility, a customer contracted Patheon for the transfer of packaging.

The Solution Patheon quickly upgraded a bottle packaging line to meet the customer’s needs.< p/>

The Outcome The packaging manufacturing transfer was made on time and on budget allowing the client to meet their overall capacity needs without investing their own capital.

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