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Powders, Granules and Coated Beads

These simple, cost-effective dose forms offer you a lot of versatility as the foundation for whatever final dose form and formulation your molecule demands. And at Patheon, you'll have access to many dose forms – all royalty free – as well as formulation experience based on thousands of projects.

Powders, granules and coated beads give you more control for improved clinical benefits. They open the door to Patheon's range of controlled-release technologies. They also offer better absorption than a tablet, but are just as cost effective. What's more, these simple dose forms create a host of lifecycle management opportunities for revenue-building line extensions.

Powders & Granules Offer Unique Advantages

  • Easy to formulate and process
  • Ideal for first in man clinical studies
  • Can be made into many different dosage formulations (capsules, tablets, sachets, powders for reconstitution, dusting powders, bulk powders, powders for inhalation, effervescent powder, etc.)
  • Each dose can contain a different amount of API
  • Can be administered easily to infants and young children who cannot swallow tablets or capsules
  • Drug will have a rapid onset of action since disintegration is not required
  • Can be applied to many body cavities such as ears, nose, tooth socket, throat, etc.
  • Offer the stability of a solid dose form
  • Granules offer enhanced flowability for difficult to manufacture drugs

Coated Beads are a Simple Solution for Complex Challenges

  • Less susceptible to dose dumping with predictable gastric emptying
  • Less effected by food compared to monolithic dosage forms
  • Minimum inter- and intra-subject variability
  • Reduced risk of local irritation to GI tract
  • Multiple releases of multiple ingredients throughout GI tract in a single dose
  • Adjust dose strength, or offer a range of dose strengths, without changing the formulation or process

Methods of Delivery and Manufacturing Technologies

  • Matrix  Systems drug particles entrapped within the matrix
  • Reservoir Systems membrane coated, diffusion controlled
  • Modified Drug Release Profiles sustained-release, delayed-release, targeted-release, pulsatile-release
  • Extrusion-spheronization
  • Drug layering
  • Spray congealing

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