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Controlled-Release Tablets

The scientists at Patheon have years of experience in the development and manufacture of controlled-release tablets for a wide variety of molecules. Whatever challenges these complex technologies present for your project, chances are we have already overcome them in a previous project. Patheon offers the full arc of services and resources to take you seamlessly from early development to market quickly and efficiently.

With Patheon you'll have access to many dose form technologies, royalty-free, so you can give your molecule exactly what it needs while creating a product precisely suited for your target market.

Coated and Uncoated Tablet: Offers a broad range of shapes, sizes, finishes (printing, embossing, score-marks) and release profiles.

Bilayer and Trilayer Tablet: Pairs a controlled-release layer with an immediate-release layer or with another API or excipient in a single tablet.

Microtablet: Low dose tablets – delivered by device, capsule or sachet – that enable you to offer variable dose strengths without changing your formulation or process.

Tabletted Multiparticulates and Coated Beads: Gives you the versatility of these dose forms pressed into a simple tablet.

Tablet Inlayed Within a Tablet: A combined dose with multiple release options.

Whether deployed in a new product or as a lifecycle management strategy, Patheon's controlled-release technologies in tablet forms give you options that can expand the possible applications of your drug, and take full advantage of controlled-release features such as lowering the risk of dose dumping.

Matrix Systems: Hydrogels, polymeric and wax matrix

Multi-Particulate Systems: Pellets and Wurster coated pellets

Polymeric Film Coating: Including enteric coating

Ion Exchange Resins

Osmotic Drug Delivery: Laser drilled

Gastric Retentive Technology

Dry Powder Coating

Pulsatile Release: Single or multi-particulate

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