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Liquid-Filled Capsules

The wide range of complex molecules of today's discoveries call for formulation solutions that improve solubility and bioavailability, especially for BCS Class II and Class IV products. Liquid filled capsules, both hard shell and softgel, are ideal for improving the delivery of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the body. Patheon is one of the few companies capable and approved to develop and manufacture pharmaceuticals in both hard shell capsules and softgels; and no other company has deeper experience and resources.

  • Both hard shell capsules and softgels
  • Capsule design and composition
  • Formulation development
  • Mixing, encapsulation and banding
  • Disposable equipment to accelerate your project
  • Clinical supplies manufacturing
  • Registration, scale-up, and validation batches
  • Commercial production

Expertise and Technology to Take You from Molecule to Market

With Patheon you benefit from knowledge built over thousands of different projects, formulations and molecules. No matter what challenges your drug substance presents, chances are we already have the experience and technology in place to keep your project moving forward quickly and seamlessly from early development all the way through commercial manufacturing.

Take full advantage of the benefits of liquid-filled hard-shell capsules

  • Both gelatin and non-animal capsules
  • Liquid-filled and biphasic liquid-filled capsules to improve solubility and bioavailability
  • Coated beads in a liquid vehicle for fixed-dose combinations or to combine an immediate-release with a controlled-release drug
  • Handles molten fills up to 75°C
  • Superior uniformity and accuracy of dose for highly potent compounds
  • Better containment for potent compounds
  • Excellent protection for oxygen-sensitive APIs
  • Banding for tamper evidence, product identification, and improved sealing

Case Study: Custom Solutions for Difficult to Manufacture Products 

The Challenge A client developed a suspension formulation in a viscous base with > 40% solids. The high viscosity resulted in fill weight variation that limited production speeds to less than 10,000 capsules per hour.

The Solution Patheon redesigned the delivery system to pressure feed the fill material to the filler. We also worked with the equipment vendor to open up internal passageways in the pump to reduce cavitation.

The Outcome Patheon quadrupled production speeds to 40,000 capsules per hour.

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