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Bolstered by the acquisition of Banner Pharmacaps, Patheon is your new highly capable ally in the development and manufacture of softgel products. Now companies of all sizes have access to everything they need to succeed:

  • Expertise and capabilities scaled for both development and commercial manufacturing
  • Specialized technologies to meet the specific needs of your molecules and markets
  • Advanced solutions for enhancing solubility and bioavailability
  • Many dose form and formulation technology options
  • Opportunities for unique new products and line extensions

Patheon Softgels Offer Advantages for Every Audience

Most patients, especially children and seniors, prefer softgels because they are attractive, easy to swallow and have no unpleasant taste or odor. Patheon also offers unique and convenient chewable options. All of this results in improved patient compliance and satisfaction, which are so important to effective care that most doctors prefer softgels too.

Expertise to Help You Make the Most of All the Advantages

  • Enhanced solubility and bioavailability
  • Precise control of drug release rate and site of absorption
  • Lower dose levels with higher bioavailability
  • Faster drug action and reduced food effect
  • Inherent taste and odor masking
  • Hermetic seal for oxygen-sensitive APIs
  • Broad palette of shapes, sizes and colors
  • Opacity range from clear to opaque for light-sensitive APIs
  • Oral, topical, chewable and suppository delivery
  • Liquid, suspension, semi-solid, and solid fill materials of any viscosity
  • Alkali or acidic gelatin or non-animal shells formulated for each fill material
  • Reduced exposure risks for high potency compounds

Create Innovative Products Today with Built in Opportunities for Tomorrow

Launch innovative new products that stand out. Open doors to new markets and maximize the value of your IP with line extensions. Increase the viability of your poorly soluble discoveries. Whatever your goal, no company offers more softgel expertise and choices than Patheon.

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