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Patheon Certified Consultants

The Best Plans are Built on the Best Experience

The Patheon Certified Consultants program gives you access to a stable of top independent consultants. These are the scientists and executives behind more than 200 products, some of which you probably have in your medicine cabinet.

These industry veterans have worked on an estimated 2,000 IND submissions. They possess a remarkable depth and range of strategic and practical expertise – insights that organizations transitioning from discovery to development often lack at the moment they need it most. The strategic decisions made at this stage will be ones you live with all the way through scale-up. That's why it is critical that you have the guidance of proven professionals who have time and again charted the course for success.

Comprehensive CMC Consulting for any company size, molecule type, or stage of development, for either:

  • Long-term CMC strategy development and support
  • Resolution of specific challenges

Diligence Support for early and later stage transactions:

  • Buy: Define potential risks, challenges and development costs leading up to IND submission.
  • Sell: From development through the transaction, build a robust value proposition to maximize return.

Decision Acceleration Workshop or panel review with multiple consultants for cost-effective, accelerated support of critical decisions.

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