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Multilayer Tablets

Patheon gives you royalty-free access to this unique dose form.

Multilayer tablets are an effective way to offer fixed-dose combinations in a single, convenient dose. Patheon has the expertise and the technical resources to take you from preformulation to commercial supply of these popular dose forms:

Bilayer Tablet Combination of two APIs, or an immediate-release layer and controlled-release layer, in a single tablet.

Trilayer Tablet Combination of two APIs, or an immediate-release layer and controlled-release layer, separated by a middle placebo layer in a single tablet.


Multilayer tablets give you multiple advantages:

Improved Patient Compliance Simplifies management for chronic diseases by combining complimentary medications and reducing the total number of pills a patient needs to take.

Better Efficacy Synergistic combinations and mechanisms to improve ADME and drug resistance.

Simplified and Cost-Effective Handling and Distribution Especially for HIV medications.

Effective Life Cycle Management Strategy New products from proven molecules, patent and market exclusivity, may also extend patent exclusivity.

The advantages of multilayer tablets come with significant technical challenges that include API compatibility and stability. Even if your drug has proven to be difficult to formulate, Patheon's scientists have the expertise to get you past these challenges to formulate a high-quality, reliably performing pharmaceutical product.

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Anil Kane, Ph.D., MBA

Anil Kane, Ph.D., MBA
Dr. Kane has more than 25 years of experience in the science and business of taking molecules throug
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Joseph A. Fix, MBA, Ph.D.

Joseph A. Fix, MBA, Ph.D.
With 30 years of experience converting discoveries into businesses, Dr. Fix holds 24 patents, includ
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Jason Vaughn, Ph.D.

Jason Vaughn, Ph.D.
Dr. Vaughn has expertise in early and preclinical development of liquid, semi-solid and solid dosage
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Leah Appel, Ph.D.

Leah Appel, Ph.D.
Dr. Appel has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry developing drug delivery tech
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