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Late development - the foundation of commercial success.

Late development - the foundation of commercial success.

Late development is the pivot point that sets the course of your product's future. Patheon's industry leadership at this crucial phase is rooted in our deep experience in every other phase of bringing a molecule to market. From early development through production, we know what it takes to manufacture a product with reliable high quality. Very few CDMOs can bring this big-picture perspective to building success into both solid and sterile pharmaceutical products.

Our formulation and process experts have worked on thousands of projects and molecules. We give you access to a remarkably wide selection of formulation technologies all royalty-free. Our facilities are designed for seamless scalability. Manufacturability and quality are integral in every late development service.

Because our expertise and resources are so broad, and because we are not bound to proprietary technologies, Patheon is uniquely capable of developing exactly the right formulation and processes for your product.-


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