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Process Development

Set the stage for future success.

By building quality and manufacturability into your process now, Patheon can help position you to quickly and successfully move into production upon regulatory approval. We have the experience of thousands of projects and molecules. We know what works at every stage, and have the expertise and resources in place to make it happen. What's more, we are experts in making Quality by Design integral to process development.

Patheon is one of the few companies that can take you seamlessly from early development, through clinical trials, all the way to scale up and commercial manufacturing. You'll have a consistent team focused on ushering you every step of the way. This unique approach preserves knowledge and experiences, which brings even more efficiency to your project.

As early in your project as possible, Patheon's goal will be to solidify a process that sets you up for commercial success. A process that can be readily scaled up from small batch to commercial supply with minimal risk of costly delays. A process that is economical, efficient and built to deliver repeatable quality when you bring your product to market. 

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Anil Kane, Ph.D., MBA

Anil Kane, Ph.D., MBA
Dr. Kane has more than 25 years of experience in the science and business of taking molecules throug
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Enrico Corona

Enrico Corona
Since joining Patheon in 2003, Mr. Corona has been vital in the development of new liquid and lyophi
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Stephen Closs

Stephen Closs
Mr. Closs possess more than 23 years of experience in formulation development, tech transfer, scale-
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