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Take a Big Picture Approach to Small Molecule API

Early development business pressures are a leading cause of myopia among pharmaceutical executives and scientists. Budgets are exceedingly tight so companies need to do the bare minimum to prove viability as quickly as possible. It’s a necessary early-stage strategy, but one prone to costly process and formulation changes if later stages are not also kept in focus.

Patheon takes a big-picture approach. You’ll get high-quality API via a phase-appropriate process that can be seamlessly scaled-up to meet the specific demands of each stage of your product’s development. We’ll help you stay on budget while laying a sound foundation for future success.

All the Expertise and Technologies You Need to Succeed

Patheon offers a vast range of capabilities to ensure that you have access to exactly the ones your molecule requires. We have reactors ranging from 30 L up to 16 m3 with different materials of construction and comprehensive analytical services to deliver all the chemistries and technologies you expect. We also offer many unique solutions and innovative technologies refined to an extent you won’t find anywhere else.

Microreactor Flow Chemistry: Get the efficiency, flexibility and scalability of the lab of tomorrow made reliable at commercial scale today.

Advanced Catalysis: Make more of your most challenging discoveries and most complex processes feasible with access to 2,000+ enzymes, proprietary biocatalytic processes, and scale-up timelines reduced from years to months.

Hydrogenation: Leverage this high-yielding, sustainable reduction reaction at any scale with an exceptionally wide selection of process technologies.

Polymers: Create completely unique products by combining proprietary process technologies, polymer science, advanced synthesis and large-scale cGMP production.

Extreme Conditions: Explore new process designs and novel process windows to intensify your processes and achieve unprecedented productivity.

The Patheon ResCom® (Responsive and Committed) process development center in Regensburg, Germany offers state-of-the-art resources and the experience of more than 2,000 successful first-batches. Our late-stage/commercial production facility in Linz, Austria, with its 1,000 employees, has mastered project planning for rapid turnaround of commercial supply. What’s more, the tech transfer process between these facilities is minimal.

Imagine the Advantages of a Single Partner for API and Finished Dose

Patheon is one of the largest CDMOs in the world for both API and finished dosage forms. Here, every step is executed with complete knowledge of what’s needed next. It’s a unique advantage, especially when you make us your partner for both. By syncing the development of your API and finished dose, you’ll tap the fluid collaboration between our sites, teams and operations. In ways big and small, you’ll boost efficiency and accelerate your drive toward a successful launch.

In a World Full of Vendors, Patheon is Your Genuine Strategic Partner

Yes, Patheon offers a remarkable breadth of technical capabilities, deep scientific expertise and an exceptional track record for quality and on-time delivery. While all this makes us a great service provider, here are just a few of the ways Patheon goes much further to be a great partner:

Large pharma customers rightly expect flawless on-time performance, compliance and quality. What they don’t expect is our call to inform them that we optimized their process and will be sharing the savings with them.

Mid-size companies turn to us to convert fixed costs into variable costs. There are two essential elements to make these complex arrangements actually work: Flexibility, as in a contract written to accommodate their unique needs. And trust, which comes from knowing that we have been here for decades, and that we’ll be here for decades more.

Emerging companies are often surprised by the high-level of focused attention and flexibility that they receive in an organization as large as Patheon. For example, when the timing of final project approval makes the desired date of delivery impossible to achieve, will make special arrangements for them to pre-buy raw materials along with warehousing and insurance. Whatever it takes, we will help you over come the challenges that stand between you and your goals.

At Patheon, “partner” means we are willing to share in the risks, not just the rewards. Our success is tied directly to yours. We will be in this together.

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