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Getting Your Drug through Phase I Early Development Effectively  
Date: Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Time: 11:30 AM-6:00 PM
Location: Isis and Thames Room,
MEPC Innovation Centre,
99 Park Drive, Milton Park, Abingdon, OX14 4RY
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Cost: Free

Our team of expert pharmaceutical scientists is pleased to invite you to a complimentary seminar titled Getting Your Drug Through Phase I Early Development Effectively. The seminar will be held on Tuesday, February 19th 2013.  Due to the high level of interest in our event we have moved the location to a larger venue but still within easy access to Patheon.  The new location is the Isis and Thames Room at the Innovation Centre, 99 Park Drive, Milton Park Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK.
About This Seminar

In this half-day seminar, three scientific leaders will share their experiences and answer questions on strategies for effectively progressing small molecules through early drug development.  Through case studies and interactive presentation, they will discuss early stages of API development, challenges of low solubility and bioavailability and formulation strategies.

Our experts will answer your drug development questions through interactive Q&A sessions after each presentation.  There will also be opportunities for scientific discussions during the networking lunch at the start of the proceedings and the round table discussions towards the end.  In addition, Patheon would like to offer the opportunity to tour our modern facilities at Milton Park and to join the Patheon team at an evening networking reception.

As the global leader in Pharmaceutical Development Services, Patheon is committed to providing effective science-based learning opportunities for local scientific professionals.

Please RSVP as soon as possible as seating is limited.

Time Schedule
11:30AM-12:15 PM Registration & Lunch
12:15-12:30 PM Opening Remarks
12:00-1:30 PM Anatomy of a Typical API Project,
Dr. Paul Madeley, Synth-Isis Ltd.
1:30-2:30 PM Formulation Strategies for Early Development,
Dr. Jon Sutch, Patheon
2:30-2:45 PM Break
2:45-3:45 PM Solubility and Bioavailability Enhancement for Poorly Soluble Drugs, Rick Bastin, M.Sc., MBA,Patheon
3:45-4:15 PM Round Table Discussion – Meet the Experts live hosted by Tony Pidgeon, Patheon
4:15-4:25 PM Closing Remarks
4:25–4:40PM Move to Patheon  - shuttle bus
4:40-6:00 PM Tour and Networking Reception
5:00-5:30 PM Tour Group 1
5:15-5:45 PM Tour Group 2
5:30-6:00PM Tour Group 3
6:00 PM Shuttle bus back to car park

Anatomy of a Typical API Project, Dr. Paul Madeley, Synth-Isis Ltd.
This would address generic issues encountered and include the following specific items:

  • Physicochemical properties & route of synthesis
  • Salts and Polymorphs
  • Purity vs. end-use

Formulation Strategies for Early Development, Dr. Jon Sutch, Patheon

  • Formulation selection decision tree
  • Overview of API properties – impact on formulation development
  • Formulation examples for rapid development (Quick to Clinic)

Solubility and Bioavailability Enhancement for Poorly Soluble Drugs, Rick Bastin, Patheon

  • BCS classification
  • Techniques and challenges for oral drug delivery
  • Considerations for parenteral delivery
Biographies of Speakers

Paul Madeley, Ph.D., is a Ph.D. organic chemist with over thirty years’ experience of chemical synthesis. He has worked for three large companies (Boots, Courtaulds and Abbott Laboratories) and two biotech companies (British Biotech and OSI Pharmaceuticals) before setting up his consultancy company, Synth-Isis Ltd. Read more…


Robin Platt, Ph.D., is Operations Director of Patheon’s Milton Park site in the UK. Robin has over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry... Read more…

Tony Pidgeon is the Senior Manager, Global Science and Technology at Patheon Inc.  He has been at Patheon since 2001 but has been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 1984. Read more… 

Rick Bastin M.Sc., MBA, is Scientific Director, Pharmaceutical Development Services at Patheon and has worked within the pharmaceutical industry for over 25 years. He has held senior management and technical roles in a range of organisations including large pharma, generic companies, startup companies and CDMOs, including 8 years at Patheon. Read more…


Jon Sutch, Ph.D., is Manager of Formulation and Clinical Trials Manufacture at Milton Park. Jon has been with Patheon for just over a year and led the development of many formulations for the clinic. Jon has a degree in Pharmacy (University of London) and a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutics from the University of Nottingham. Read more…

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