Quadrant 2™: Solubility enhancement

Thermo Fisher Scientific’s proprietary computational modeling program, Quadrant 2™, analyzes your compound’s specific molecular structure and chemical characteristics, in combination with your unique target product profile. The Quadrant 2™ platform consists of proprietary algorithms that incorporate a variety of different computational methods including Quantum mechanics, Molecular Dynamics, QSAR, ADMET, statistical analysis and internally developed models.

Using your compound’s individualized data, Quadrant 2™ can predict the most optimal solubility enhancement technology and excipient combination that are most likely to meet your clinical and business objectives, at the earliest stages of development. This exclusive, scientifically-based algorithm also eliminates solubility enhancement options that are unlikely to yield benefits for your program, dramatically reducing time and investment often wasted on trial and error experimentation.

What’s more, the customized insights you’ll get from Quadrant 2™ can help you avoid the risk of having to revise your solubility enhancement approach after Proof of Concept—a costly pitfall that can require up to 12 months of added time and incur additional costs in the range of $500,000 to $600,000. Quadrant 2™ analyzes the molecular structure, as well as the physical and chemical characteristics of a compound based on the following information:

The Quadrant 2™ model has been applied to over 200 molecules since inception with great success. Validation studies have proven that the Quadrant 2™ technology selection tool is more than 90% accurate and the Quadrant 2™ excipient selection tool is more than 80% accurate. We can complete computational modeling in as little as two weeks. Learn more about whether our Quadrant 2™ program may be a good fit for your molecule by getting in touch with us!

Engineered Solutions

In addition to predicting the best technology to enhance solubility we can also apply predictive modelling for :

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