Keirnan LaMarche, Ph.D.

Sr. Staff R&D/Manufacturing Scientist, Pharma Services
Greenville, USA

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Subject matter expert in solid dosage form design and continuous manufacturing, specializing in powder flow and tablet compaction
  • Lead a highly skilled cross-disciplinary team of scientists for rapid product development on Thermo Fisher Scientific’s continuous manufacturing platform
  • Extend the scientific knowledge base on continuous manufacturingdevelopment to shorten development timelines and minimize material usage

Professional highlights

  • Career spans over twelve years in the pharmaceutical industry, ten of which were spent at Bristol-Myers Squibb in solid dosage form development
  • Led process development activities for several roller compaction and high shear granulation products and supported their regulatory filings, and led early development teams for oral and intravenous drug products
  • Worked with several clients in an innovative space to develop products for manufacturing on a flexible continuous manufacturing line
  • Developed a novel physical model based method for determining material compaction properties
  • Performed extensive research on the material properties of powders during compaction, and developed simulations of tablet compaction and chipping using Finite Element Analysis


  • Doctor of Philosophy and Master’s degree in chemical engineering from Rutgers University
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, chemical engineering from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science & Art

Scientific expertise

  • Tablet compaction
  • Powder flow
  • Continuous manufacturing of drug products
  • Characterized and model drying processes, unit operators
    • Fluid bed driers
    • One-pot granulators
    • Tablet coaters

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