Peter Poechlauer

Innovation Manager, API, Pharma Services
Linz, Austria, USA

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Drive innovation in small molecule manufacturing to develop cleaner, faster, less wasteful and more efficient production processes for client compounds
  • Identify and help develop the competencies necessary to modernize production methods
  • Advise on third parties from whom Thermo Fisher Scientific might acquire additional capabilities, and manages external research collaborations
  • Provide technical expertise and help clients solve complex technical issues

Professional highlights

  • Joined Thermo Fisher Scientific in 1990 and has more than thirty years of experience in pharmaceutical research and development
  • Developed several large-scale biocatalytic processes for fine chemicals, and led European research projects on biocatalysis and sustainable oxidation chemistry
  • Headed process technology and introduced process intensification and microreactor technology within the company
  • Introduced one of the first continuous flow processes in large-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Author of forty-seven patent applications, sixty publications, several book chapters, and frequent presenter at industry conferences


  • Doctor of Natural Sciences in organic chemistry & pharmaceutical chemistry from Innsbruck University in Austria

Scientific expertise

  • Product development
    • Small molecules
    • Green chemistry
  • Process technology
    • Continuous manufacturing & analytics
    • Process Intensification
  • Organic chemistry
    • Biocatalysis