How to achieve both cost and quality goals in plasmid manufacturing


This video, in collaboration with Cell & Gene Therapy Insights, highlights key features and performance specifications for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s GMP-Now™ Plasmid DNA service offering. The video explains how this service, which can help biopharma companies de-risk their path to commercialization, can achieve both cost and quality goals in plasmid manufacturing, regardless of clinical phase of development.

More specifically, the video explores:

  • How plasmid DNA can be used in R&D, clinical, and commercial bioprocessing applications
  • The evolving regulatory landscape and guidance on the use of full GMP materials
  • How to mitigate risk by using full GMP quality plasmid throughout the product lifecycle
  • How to adopt a phase-appropriate approach to meet both cost and quality goals
  • The differences between the GMP-NowTM Plasmid DNA and cGMP Plasmid DNA offerings

Watch the video to learn more about GMP-NowTM Plasmid DNA.