Translational Services

Accelerating advanced therapies from discovery to clinic

Streamline your translational research to rapidly identify lead therapeutic drug candidates by leveraging high quality material to generate reliable proof-of-concept data. Due to the complexity of viral vector production, inherent challenges persist with establishing and maintaining product consistency throughout development phases. By including appropriate manufacturing and raw material controls during discovery, lead candidates have a strong potential to quickly and easily translate from discovery through preclinical and cGMP manufacturing.

Thermo Fisher Patheon Translational Services provides custom molecular biology (plasmid DNA construction) and viral vector (LV, AAV) packaging services. We utilize established, scalable processes with advanced analytical testing representative of future cGMP workflows to support candidate drug selection. With over 20 years of cGMP manufacturing and technical experience, our highly qualified scientists will help accelerate product development and facilitate a smooth transition to the clinic.

Molecular biology services options include: Viral vector packaging services options include:

Additional services available upon request, including analytical testing.

Experience the benefits of Thermo Fisher Patheon Translational Services:

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Translational Services generates materials for research use only. Not for IND-enabling studies or diagnostics purposes.

Learn how Translational Services can support your path to clinical development with reliable proof-of-concept data.

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