Integrated drug development and clinical services

Solving your challenges faster with one connected, accessible team

Our global subject matter experts operate as one integrated, accessible team to solve your challenges faster. From drug substance, drug product, and clinical trial research and manufacturing to clinical supply optimization, we combine proven end-to-end capabilities and state-of-the-art technologies with dedicated team members from across our organization who share your mission to help patients and improve healthcare. Using the strength of our global network, we’re working to simplify and accelerate the drug development process to get you to the clinic — and to market — quicker.

Accelerating Innovation

Integrated timelines, joint project, management, and streamlined information sharing

Simplifying the complex journey

Personalized planning and transparency across supply chains

Adapting to evolving needs

Global networks with regional expertise for scale-up across geographies

Integrated CDMO solutions and capabilities 

Our Patheon™ Quick to Care™ program is designed to streamline your drug substance and drug product development, demand planning, and clinical trial supply execution into a single customized solution. We help you simplify your supply chain and accelerate drug development with a seamless, one-team approach. While coordinating with multiple vendors exhausts valuable time and resources, this single-vendor solution offers benefits across the continuum, including:

  • Dedicated project management: An experienced, dedicated program manager pulls our integrated capabilities together into a single solution for you, creating and managing the governance process and drawing on technical experts from across our network. This single point of contact helps to deliver coordination, communication, commitment, and accountability across the entire supply chain.
  • Tailored solutions just for you: Whether your goal is out-licensing at phase IIb or taking your molecule to full commercialization, it requires a dedicated, trusted, and experienced partner who understands your complex needs. Our team of global experts provides unified program management and scientific and technical insight while curbing redundancies to ensure success on your drug development journey.  

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Now more than ever, you’re asked to do more in less time. Our Patheon™ Quick to Clinic™ program is our speed-focused solution, built for small and large molecule drug development as well as viral vector services. Quick to Clinic™ is designed to accelerate early development while using a proven process platform, ensuring that critical details aren’t overlooked.

  • PatheonTM Quick to ClinicTM solution for biologics: Go from transfection to IND in as little as 13 months, using a carefully constructed program with a tried-and-tested process platform supported by a high-yield and royalty-free expression system, and supply assurance to mitigate raw material sourcing risks. All designed to balance speed and risk, Quick to ClinicTM prepares you for long-term commercialization success.
  • PatheonTM Quick to ClinicTM solution for small molecule OSD: Dedicated development hubs, engineered solutions, advanced chemistry, and innovative process technologies help you get it right the first time. These solutions enable the understanding of molecular challenges from early development to commercialization to help you minimize experimental efforts and reduce risk. Gain access to an integrated drug program featuring flexible and tailored solutions along with a variety of early development programs that inject speed and flexibility into your small molecule’s lifecycle.
  • PatheonTM Quick to ClinicTM solution for viral vector services:
    An integrated development program using optimized, IND-ready platform processes for lentivirus and adeno-associated virus (AAV) manufacturing with scalability up to 200 L. 

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Now providing fully integrated CDMO and CRO services, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a comprehensive suite of world-class solutions across the clinical development spectrum — from scientific discovery to assessing safety, efficacy, and healthcare outcomes, to managing clinical trial logistics, to the development and manufacturing of the final drug product.

We deliver flexible solutions to meet your individual needs:

  • Simplicity — Streamlined governance, paperwork, and reduced vendor management.

  • Speed — Information access across services for faster response to unanticipated issues, helping to meet aggressive timelines and proactively mitigate risks.

  • Scalability — Global networks with regional expertise for seamless scale-up as the program progresses, leveraging the full suite of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s services from early development through to commercialization. 

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One shared commitment: Your drug development success 

 How do we do it?

Integrate only the services needed for your drug development and clinical services solutions 

Solve technical challenges quickly with access to scientists and technicians worldwide 

Streamline development, manufacturing, and logistics through a global network of 60+ sites 

Scale drug substances, drug product, clinical supply, and transportation management 

Launch and deliver new treatments to patients without time-consuming tech transfer delays 

Partnering with small pharma and emerging biopharma
We work on an average of 27 new biologic programs per year, with 63% of those projects for monoclonal antibodies.  

Benefits of partnering with us

With our breadth of experience, scientific expertise, and globally integrated network, we provide you with a customizable solution to reduce your development timeline. We apply a science-driven, risk-based approach to every step of the development and manufacturing process, while providing you with a global footprint and the scientific and therapeutic expertise to ensure your discovery makes it to the patients who need it most. We have one shared commitment—your drug development success.