Global clinical packaging services

Primary packaging, secondary packaging and labeling, and pre-filled syringe assembly solutions and services

Ensuring investigational medicinal product (IMP) integrity, advancing medication adherence, and avoiding delays in trial timelines are all top of mind for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies embarking on the clinical trial journey.

Thermo Fisher Scientific pharma services offer global clinical packaging capabilities — which include fully-owned cGMP facilities, patient-centric packaging solutions, and efficient processes and time saving tools — to help prevent potential holdups along the way.

Our facilities support ambient, refrigerated, and frozen packaging capabilities, and are strategically located around the globe to accommodate regional needs. An integrated IT system links the facilities to give clients control over inventory via bar code standards.


Primary packaging
  • Coldform/Thermoform blistering lines in temperature- and humidity-monitored rooms
  • In-house tooling creation, on-line printing, and in-process vision control systems
  • Single and multi-pack capabilities
  • Automation that reduces cycle times and containment suites that handle potent or powder compounds with independent engineering resources
  • Automated and manual bottling services


Secondary packaging and labeling
  • Range of package types including child-resistant blister cards and bottles, vials, patches, syringes, inhalers, and other devices
  • Manual or automated pack and assembly in rooms with managed temperature requirements
  • Label design, translations, and blinding for single-panel and multi-panel, as well as 1-3 panel booklet labels and digital labels


ProSyriesSM pre-filled syringe packaging and labeling
  • Precision-controlled syringe that’s assembled and labeled using a fully automated, temperature-controlled, continuous process
  • Automated production lines available in both ambient and cold environments
  • OCR-OCV controls and integrated quality processes ensure 100% inspection of variable and fixed text for accuracy and legibility
  • ProSyries Syringe Tray, designed to prevent stopper/plunger movement during air transit
  • ProSyries High Precision Syringe Labeling is available for any fill level of pre-filled syringes with +/-0.5MM accuracy

Smart packaging (medication adherence solutions)

Smart packaging uses microcircuits to passively measure dosing data and connects to the cloud through technology such as the patient’s smartphone. Cloud-based platforms then use sophisticated algorithms to analyze patient dosing behaviors and flag anything erratic, so site staff can “rescue” patients and get them back on their appropriate regimen.

Smart packaging for medication adherence provides a rich and reliable data set to help better understand patient dosing — making it applicable to most clinical trial designs. It’s especially useful for clinical trials that:

  • Require a precise understanding of time between doses
  • Have complex dosing regimens
  • Last longer than one year
  • Include long inter-visit periods to clinical sites (decentralized clinical trials)

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