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Bringing medicine to everyone who needs it takes science and technology. It also takes people with heart and insight—those who see the path forward when others cannot.

We are a strategic drug development CDMO and clinical services partner serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, research and clinical lab, medical device, consumer, academic, and government markets. We can navigate everything from complex supply chain issues and compressed timelines to evolving regulations and a global pandemic. We know your challenges and have developed solutions to help bring your treatment to market faster.

Patheon pharma services is your end-to-end source for integrated drug development. We share your goals of improving patients’ lives and making the world a healthier place. Dedicated to excellence, we take pride in our collective ability to help you at every step of the development lifecycle, working as one team for a seamless experience.  

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Explore our end-to-end solutions and capabilities, access our extensive resource library, and learn the benefits of having a partner with global expertise.

Built on a reputation for scientific and operational excellence

Take advantage of our expertise in drug development with an unparalleled global network of sites; scientific, technical, and regulatory experts; a comprehensive range of tailored solutions; and flexible business models customized to meet your needs. Our innovative solutions include powerful platforms for timely visibility and real-time collaboration, as well as digitized core processes and capabilities to help you succeed in an increasingly complex and virtual world.