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Global expertise, scalable capacity, and tailored design and operation

Biopharmaceutical companies face greater challenges than ever before when developing new large molecule and small molecule products. Therapeutic targets in the pipeline are increasing due to the rise in mRNA, specialized medicines, oncology treatments, orphan indications, and more.

Competition to be first to market is fierce, so leveraging the right contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) partner for strategic execution is critical. The rapidly growing market also demands a shift in capacity, driven by advances in bioprocesses and capabilities—as well as a focus on smaller, niche populations.

We bring recognized expertise in both development and manufacturing, with advanced technological capabilities and the innovative approaches and agile business models to overcome development hurdles and speed your products to market, no matter what challenges may arise. 


We are a trusted partner, involved with 78% of the top performing drug products1

50 years

Nearly 50 years of contract pharmaceutical manufacturing experience

3 of the top 8

Developed and launched three of the top eight best-selling small molecule drugs


~75 manufacturing /primary clinical packaging rooms as of November 2022

Manufacturing solutions and capabilities 

With continuous manufacturing, we move materials non-stop through an integrated equipment train, eliminating the hold times between processing steps associated with traditional batch manufacturing. This innovative solution offers flexibility and cost savings within your oral solid dose (OSD) drug manufacturing by:

  • Minimizing active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) usage
  • Shortening development timelines
  • Improving quality and consistency of products
  • Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increasing control over manufacturing parameters 

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on public health, the economy, and the overall quality of our day-to-day lives. It has also exposed the need to further secure supply chain and business continuity. In addition, drug developers must improve speed to market and quality assurance, among other factors, to ensure not only the timely delivery of safe and effective drugs but also the stability necessary to address future risks and disruptions.

Choosing a global leader as your single vendor can make all the difference. We share your goals of minimizing disruption and increasing speed and efficiency throughout the process. Whether we are filing your Investigational New Drug (IND) application, Biologics License Application (BLA), or New Drug Application (NDA); or executing seamless technology transfers—transferring pharma production between sites and scaling up production—we provide strategic advantages that safeguard supply and improve distribution at every step of the way.

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1. Evaluate Pharma Top 100 Products 2020 (by revenue)