Small Molecule API Commercialization Services

Once on the market, it’s essential that you always have the resources and expertise you need to ensure reliable supply of your API (active pharmaceutical ingredient). With Thermo Fisher Scientific as a partner, you’ll have access to a vast array of small molecule API commercial manufacturing capabilities in Europe and the United States.

Our capabilities include a wide range of reactors and isolation and drying technologies to enable API production on a scale from grams to multi-tonnes, supported by comprehensive analytical services and expertise in all the chemistries you expect, as well as many innovative technologies.

Take advantage of the expertise of our world-class chemists and our global network of development and manufacturing facilities to scale your project.

Our objective is to be a reliable partner for supply of high-quality API via a seamless, scalable process that will rapidly achieve your goals at each stage of development, process validation and commercial supply to ensure your future success.

Small Molecule Commercial Capabilities

Download this case study to learn how we helped a client overcome API manufacturing hurdles on its way to commercialization.

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