Optimizing cell and gene therapy manufacturing in a post-covid world

The COVID-19 pandemic has added additional pressure to pre-existing challenges in cell and gene therapy manufacturing. During the pandemic, cell and gene therapy manufacturers have faced issues related to raw material shortages, strained manufacturing capacity, overburdened supply chain logistics, and interruptions in research and clinical development. In light of these issues, cell and gene therapy developers have felt the pressure to optimize processes and streamline activities in order to ensure clinical and commercial success of these critical therapies. As we look ahead to a post-COVID world, optimizations such as digital connectivity technology and automation can not only reduce the human intervention necessary in the workflow but alleviate regulatory challenges and improve scalability.

In this webinar, our speakers will share their expertise in cell and gene therapy manufacturing, and discuss the future of the industry, and how developers can adapt to this new paradigm. Learning points will include raw material selection, vendor qualification and dual sourcing, virtual audits, supply chain optimizations, managing GMP operations during and after COVID, and more.

Rupa Pike
Director of Enterprise Science and Innovation Partnerships
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Rupa Pike
Nidhi Sharma, Ph.D.
Head, External Scientific Collaborations, Cell & Gene Therapy, Pharma Services Group
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nidhi Sharma

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