Incheon, Korea

Incheon, Korea

The Korean market is becoming a top clinical trial destination due to its clear, stable regulatory structure with streamlined approval pathways that include short study start-up timelines.

Our new cGMP facility boasts a highly experienced local team supporting clinical research in South Korea.

The South Korean team is supported by our network of Asia Pacific facilities, including Singapore, Beijing & Suzhou in China, Japan and India, providing access to a global network with a local presence.

Site Offerings

  • Importation / Exportation services documentation support and customs clearance
  • GMP storage with redundant compressors and back-up power generators at controlled ambient (15°C to 25°), refrigerated (2°C to 8°C), or frozen (-20°C to ±5°C)
  • Secondary packaging at ambient or refrigerated temperatures, including light-sensitive packaging
  • Labeling, including in cold environment, expiry date labeling and re-labeling
  • Comparator sourcing
  • Clinical Ancillary Management
  • Pick & Pack, and Distribution services that include transportation management, and temperature management and monitoring for domestic and international shipments
  • Clinical supply returns / storage / destruction service

Download the site capabilities fact sheet to learn more about this location.