Lengnau, Switzerland

The Thermo Fisher Scientific Lengnau site provides biopharma companies with a pathway from development to large-scale production as manufacturing needs evolve.

Biotech Innovation Park
2543 Lengnau, Switzerland
+41 32 560 13 00


  • Up to 8 x 12,500L bioreactors, 5:1 turndown
  • Multi product DSP trains designed for campaigns
  • Separate large-scale media & buffer preparation areas
  • Multi-product DSP train

Lengnau Site Capabilities

  • Process development for all mammalian cell lines
  • In house analytical development expertise, QC and QA
  • Fed batch processes and N-1 perfusion capability
  • Large-scale 12,500L stainless steel bioreactors
  • On site Manufacturing Sciences facility
  • Multi-product large-scale DSP train able to handle up to 2 meter columns
  • In-line conditioning and dilution for buffer preparation and chromatography
  • Automated manufacturing execution system (MES) with electronic batch records