Pharma Commercialization Services

Resources, responsiveness, flexibility, and dependable quality

Getting your medicine in the hands of healthcare providers and patients is the critical final step in any drug development journey. And to get there, you need the experience, reliability, quality, and bulletproof processes only a seasoned contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) can offer. Patheon pharma services can help you achieve parallel active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and finished dose development—for large and small molecules—delivering on time and right-the-first-time.

Integrated global network

Our integrated network of technical, quality, and customer engagement teams are ready to support your drug development journey. We have more than 60 sites across 23 countries and employ scientists, technicians, and engineers with deep technical expertise all working together to ensure the success of your molecule.

The top 20 global pharma companies trust us

You’re in good company. Our seasoned experts know exactly what’s required and the pitfalls that lead to costly delays. We consistently deliver high quality in everything we do, and this has earned us the trust of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, and 17 of the top 20 biotech companies.

Where some may view regulatory inspections as a hurdle, we view them as an impartial measure of excellence. More than 85 regulatory authorities have inspected and approved our operations over the past five years.

Our Commercialization Services

Whether it’s for scaling-up or moving to another facility, technology transfers are part of the normal course of business. Our dedicated global experts ensure:

  • Process validation is in accordance with regulatory and cGMP guidelines
  • Speed and agility so your project stays on track and product supply is preserved
  • Seamless execution for right-the-first-time delivery
  • Access to a robust system to manage the product lifecycle
  • Insight to all stage gates required for each phase
  • Access to stability studies, analytical data, release testing, and other regulatory documentation 

We take pride in helping provide innovative, creative solutions for our clients’ pharmaceutical manufacturing challenges. This includes small, boutique solutions such as condo suites, which function like an extension of our clients’ company within our own facility’s walls. Our innovative solutions also include fully flexible manufacturing solutions for all types of small molecules (API) or (biologics and steriles) projects. 

Your product is showing promising results. What’s next? It might be time to start thinking about how to strategize and plan for your product’s commercialization. From drug development to clinical trials through commercial packaging, the journey can be overwhelmingly complex.

It’s important to identify the right packaging strategies for the success of the commercialization of your product. Take advantage of our commercial facilities in the EU, United Kingdom, and United States, and broad range of capabilities that can accommodate both specialty care and primary care products to ensure that your product is packaged according to the highest quality standards and with the cost-effective options no matter what volume you may need. Additionally, you can benefit from commercial packaging solutions offering serialization and aggregation to meet global regulatory needs and distribution options to ensure simpler end-to-end logistics.



Ten global sites with dozens of packaging lines with varying capabilities provide flexibility and efficiency for either solid oral dose or sterile drug product. Sponsors can rest assured that they will be supported whether they need high volume marketed products or niche and orphan launches.

Reap the benefits of decades of experience in both clinical and commercial packaging sites. Sponsors receive only the most highly skilled support, technical knowledge, and dedicated quality focus. Through comprehensive standard operating processes, rigorous training, and a range of process controls, your products will meet the required specifications.


Patheon pharma services offers experience, reliability, and a very broad range of fill/finish commercial capabilities. We have an enviable record of drug product commercialization success for our clients.

Leveraging our commercial production and clinical trials solutions will give you extensive access to global technical experts, capability, global regulatory insights, and transportation. Global network and solutions span across:

  • Global clinical trial packaging and storage
  • Clinical supply optimization
  • Clinical label
  • Distribution and logistics 
  • Global clinical ancillary management 


Our dedicated global experts ensure process validation is in accordance with regulatory and cGMP guidelines. We work with speed and agility, so your project stays on track and product supply is preserved. We are driven by your deadlines, flexible in our approach and determined to get it right the first time, every time. When it comes to regulatory submission, this scientific data can help with drug product efficiencies and strategic decisions. Scientific data adds further value to each phase as it aids in strategic decision making. With fully equipped cGMP labs, we provide comprehensive analytical solutions for your drug product.