General Company Information:

Who is Patheon, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific?

Patheon, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific,is a transformative force within the industry, leading the evolution of the pharma supply chain. We offer solutions spanning the entire pharmaceutical life cycle to help pharma and biotech companies of all sizes meet their complex development and manufacturing needs at any stage or scale. We deliver a combination of unrivaled quality, reliability and compliance, backed by a reputation for scientific and technical excellence. 

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What is our mission?

We believe the world would be a healthier place if tomorrow’s medicines were made available today. Our goal is to become your trusted partner – with end-to-end capabilities and reliable quality – in rapidly turning your pharmaceutical possibilities into reality.

What does Patheon do?

The range of services at Patheon for drug substances and drug products is wider than that of any other CDMO. We offer end-to-end capabilities and expertise to take your discovery from preclinincal and clinical development, through scale-up, all the way to commercial supply across more than 40 oral solid, sterile and softgel dosage forms.

Who does Patheon work with?

Patheon has a diverse roster of clients from every sector of the industry. The largest represents only 7% of revenues, and the top product represents only 3%. In fact, our top 10 clients represent only 41% of our consolidated revenue base. Our agreements range from long-term strategic partnerships to short-term contracts. This widely varied revenue stream creates the stability that companies count on for steady development progress and uninterrupted commercial supply.

What markets does Patheon serve?

Patheon business segments include:

Drug Substance Services (DSS): Patheon is a leading provider of complex small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and flexible outsourced manufacturing solutions for large molecule API, from early development through commercial scale production. The company is one of the top three outsourced manufacturers of highly complex biological drug substances, with four biologics API facilities positioned to service 70 percent of the market.

Pharmaceutical Development Services (PDS): Patheon is the number one global provider of formulation services. The company’s capabilities span the full breadth of advanced scientific services from discovery to regulatory approval, including formulation development across approximately 40 dosage forms, as well as analytical services and life-cycle management.

Drug Product Services (DPS): Patheon is the number one provider of contract drug manufacturing services. Over the past decade, the company has developed and manufactured 20 percent of the top 100 drugs and 75 percent of the dosage forms on the market.

How many locations does Patheon have?

Patheon, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, has an integrated global network of 27 facilities and offices. Click here to see a comprehensive list of our locations.

What makes Patheon unique?

Patheon is forging partnerships that are transforming the industry, creating new business models between pharma companies and their pharma service providers. The company is pioneering solutions that are driven by client needs, with successful recent partnerships including Amgen, Flexion, Pacira and Grünenthal. Patheon’s transformational business models include:

  • Condo Model - “site within a site”
    • Provides dedicated “condo” suite inside a Patheon site; leveraging infrastructure, people and processes
    • Reduces investment to create manufacturing capacity
    • Reduces cost and time and improves rate of success
  • Flex Capacity - “on demand capacity”
    • Provides secured capacity without the full costs of ownership
    • Addresses uncertainty in quantities, timing and dosage forms
    • Provides scale and flex capabilities to help clients address forecasting issues
  • Managed Networks - “client sites, our capabilities”
    • Leverages Patheon expertise to more efficiently manage client facilities
    • Improves asset utilization and addresses potential tax implications
  • Patheon OneSource™ - “a simplified supply chain”
    • End-to-end integrated manufacturing capability that speeds up delivery to client’s next milestone

What is Patheon OneSource™?

Patheon OneSource™ is an end to end integrated offering that can take months off of development timelines with a single coordinated program. A few of the benefits include a global network of fully integrated state-of-the-art facilities, a comprehensive range of technologies and services and an unmatched track record for quality and on time performance. Patheon OneSource™ helps clients to quickly achieve early-phase goals with a scientifically robust formulation and provides the ability to continue with Patheon along a well-established path through late-phase development and commercial launch.

What are some of Patheon’s small molecule capabilities?

Patheon is a world leader in small molecule development and manufacturing. Our global capabilities include comprehensive and scalable active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) services to meet demand at each stage of a product’s life cycle, complete drug product services from preformulation screening through clinical development and large scale commercial supply from our fully integrated global network of commercial manufacturing facilities. We provide a comprehensive range of oral solid, sterile and softgel dosage forms, as well as specialty expertise in high-potency products and solubility enhancement solutions that accelerate the path to proof of concept.

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Does Patheon develop and manufacture Biologics?

Patheon offers flexible, end-to-end, fully integrated solutions across all bioprocessing stages. We have more than 20 years of process development experience, with more than 240 biologic development programs. We have the ability to transform a discovery into a drug substance via a sustainable process designed to scale from preclinical development to commercial manufacture, using batch, fed-batch, perfusion and chromatography processes leveraging single-use and stainless steel systems. Through our global manufacturing network, our clients have access to the full scope of cGMP manufacturing capabilities, including: state-of-the-art processes and innovative USP/DSP technologies, comprehensive analytical services and full regulatory support, including preparation of CMC documentation. 


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Why should I choose Patheon as my outsourcing partner?

Patheon provides clients with scientific expertise, peace of mind and proven performance. With more than 40 years of experience, Patheon has manufactured or developed over 700 products. Patheon’s breadth of services across dosage forms and scale for drug substance and drug product is wider than any other CDMO. Click here to learn more about Patheon and what makes us the #1 CDMO in the industry.

What level of experience can I expect from Patheon experts?

Patheon employs nearly 600 scientists and technicians with deep technical expertise, including 127 PhD’s and more than 195 Master’s Degrees within Pharmaceutical Development Services. Click here to connect with Patheon’s team of scientific experts.

When was Patheon founded?

Patheon was established in 1974 as Custom Pharmaceuticals (renamed Patheon in 1993). Click here to learn more about our history and milestones.

Media Relations:

Who should I contact regarding media relations inquiries?

Please contact Mari Mansfield at +1 919-226-3137 for media relations inquiries.

Who can I contact for additional questions and information?

Click here to connect with Patheon. Please send us your contact information and a member of our team will be in touch with you soon.

Investor Relations:

I am an investor. Who can I contact for more information?

Please call +1 919-226-3165 to speak with someone in Investor Relations.

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