Supply Chain Management

We believe, as you do, that tomorrow’s breakthroughs shouldn’t have to wait in yesterday’s supply chain. This idea is at the heart of Patheon, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, and drives our work to change the way pharmaceuticals are made.

Simplify all or part of your supply chain with Patheon, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, as your single provider. Access capabilities that span from the very beginning of drug development all the way to life cycle management. Make us your strategic partner to maximize the time and cost efficiencies of having a seamless, end-to-end solution. Or group portions of a project together in a way that complements your own capabilities – clinical supply and stability studies, or commercial manufacturing and packaging. You also have the option to align the development of your drug substance and drug product with Patheon OneSource™.

Patheon OneSource™ – Cut months off small and large molecule development timelines.

Reach your milestones faster with the simplicity of combining drug substance and drug product, development and manufacturing, into a single customized solution. You’ll be able to develop small molecules an estimated 8–12 weeks faster, and large molecules an estimated 14–20 weeks faster, than the industry-standard of 15 months. And that’s just one of many benefits.

  • One Partner: No more managing multiple vendors and logistics
  • One Contract: Accelerate your project from the very start
  • Cross-Functional Team of Experts: Ease collaboration and flow of information
  • Dedicated Program Manager: A single point of contact for efficient communication
  • Choice of Dosage Forms: Access sterile, oral solid and softgel formulations
  • Shared Analytical Activities and Data: Eliminate redundancy
  • Non-GMP Environment: Accelerate process and formulation development
  • Unmatched Quality and Delivery Performance: Limit the risk of costly delays
  • Maximum Value: Investors know and trust the brand of Patheon, a part of Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Simplicity: Put hours back into your day to focus on your next breakthrough

Maximize value by establishing a firm foundation for commercial success. Everything we do, even at the earliest stages, is done to expedite approval and launch. Add to that our strong reputation for quality and on-time delivery. Get your discovery to proof of concept faster and with more built-in investment value. Learn more about Patheon OneSource™

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