Free trade area attracts zone sponsors to India

Case study

A top major pharmaceutical company needed guidance on how to run an ambitious clinical trial in the Asia Pacific region involving 10+ countries, 74+ sites with 400+ shipments across the region. Read this case study to learn about the 99% on-time delivery record to patients participating in this ambitious trial is a statistic to be proud of.While India has traditionally been considered a difficult location from a logistics point of view, the strategic location of a Thermo Fisher Scientific Clinical Supply Distribution Center in one of India’s Free Trade Zones, also known as Special Economic Zones (SEZ) offers many advantages such as: a duty-free enclave, deemed to be a foreign territory for the purposes of trade operations, duties and tariffs; no import license required; no applicable import/export taxes (service tax, VAT, Excise and Custom Duty); and no routine examination by customs officials of import or export cargo. Read this case study to learn why a leading pharmaceutical company selected India to conduct their bioequivalence studies with clinical end points.