CPHI trend report: The nexus between patient and big pharma


The concept of patient centricity is gaining significant traction in the pharmaceutical industry, reshaping the way drugs are developed and produced. This report, developed in partnership with CPHI, specifically explores how optimizing the pharmaceutical supply chain can help improve patient-centricity, and showcases examples of it already being implemented at large. Additionally, the report addresses the increasing role CDMOs and CROs are playing in servicing patients at the end of the pharmaceutical development and manufacturing pipeline.

To that end, the report also discusses how the line between CDMOs and CROs is blurring, as these outsourced service providers are incorporating an expanding array of capabilities into their portfolios. Specifically, it examines the influx of mergers and acquisitions that are occurring in the industry, and how these collaborations are set to increase in the coming years. Furthermore, the report explores whether biopharma companies need to proactively consider the patient perspective in their business decisions and showcases how intentional CDMO/CRO partnerships are key to forging a future that’s inherently patient-centric.

Download the full report below.