Advanced Therapies Week – Miami, Florida

January 16-19, 2024

Taking cell and gene therapies from medicine to market requires global expertise, technical capabilities, and a strategic partner you can trust. Schedule a meeting with us at Advanced Therapies Week to learn how we can support you as your trusted partner through your drug development journey.

About Advanced Therapies Week

Created for knowledge sharing, relationship building and deal making, Advanced Therapies Week is the destination for developers, investors, and solutions providers whose goal is to bring cell and gene therapies to patients.

Join us at booth 508 where our CDMO services experts will be available to discuss how our expertise, capacity, and global network can address the unique needs of your project. We will also be highlighting our integrated cell and gene therapy solutions, including:

  • Translational services
  • Development and manufacturing of viral vectors, plasmid DNA, cell therapies, and mRNA
  • Cold and ultra-cold supply chain management and logistics

We look forward to seeing you at the event and invite you to schedule a private meeting with us to discuss how we can support you as your trusted partner.

Event details 

Date: January 16-29, 2024

Format: In-person

Location: Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami Beach, FL

Booth number: 508

Event website:



Breakfast Symposium

Date/Time: January 17, 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. EST
Title: A disruptive approach to advancement – Strategic investments and collaborative innovation to solve major manufacturing pain points


  • Gianluca Pettiti, Executive Vice President, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Xavier de Mollerat due Jeu, Sr. Director of R&D, Thermo Fisher Scientific
  • Andy Campbell, Sr. Director of R&D, Thermo Fisher Scientific

The range of new tools and technologies available to cell therapy manufacturers has seen a dramatic expansion over the past decade. Biotechnology developers have focused on developing solutions to address both the physical manufacturing challenges and the underlying physiologic factors that affect therapeutic efficacy, which has helped to fuel a robust clinical cell therapy pipeline.

In this symposium, you will hear industry leaders discuss:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cell therapy portfolio of tools and instruments, and how they can be incorporated into an end-to-end, closed, scalable and automatable workflow
  • The first cGMP cell selection technology to have an active release mechanism, allowing for increased control over target cell isolation and activation while simultaneously providing process flexibility for downstream steps
  • Benefits gained from automating, scaling, and integrating your manufacturing process and how strategic collaborations can help advance the field


Continuing education for the pharma industry 


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