Alachua, Florida

Alachua, Florida

Our Alachua facility incorporates equipment and design concepts that set the standard for process and analytical development for early clinical trials, and ultimately commercial scale CDMO capabilities for these advanced therapies. We develop analytics and processes for the major viral gene transfer vector systems: AAV, Adenoviral, Herpesviral, Lentiviral, and Retroviral, using a range of manufacturing platforms, including adherent and suspension for manufacturing therapeutic vectors using mammalian and insect cell host systems.

Unique Offering:

95,000-square foot facility with robust process and analytical development, QC testing and manufacturing capacity in support of clinical trials for cell and gene therapies.

Specialized Capabilities:

  • Process and analytical method development
  • Pre-clinical through pivotal viral vector manufacturing
  • Aseptic fill and finish services
  • QC release and stability testing
  • Experienced in viral vector manufacturing for cell and gene therapies
  • AAV, AdV, RV, HSV and LV
  • Broad array of suspension and adherent manufacturing platforms

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