Alachua, Florida

Alachua, Florida

Our Alachua facility integrates cutting-edge technology to drive innovation and set new standards in viral vector and nucleic acid analytics and manufacturing, specifically catering to Patheon’s translational and CDMO services for advanced therapies. Alachua is one of the two dedicated Patheon sites solely focused on advancing cell and gene therapies through CDMO R&D and translational services. This dedicated approach not only elevates Patheon's advanced therapy CDMO services but also facilitates a seamless transition of products and processes from small-scale translational services to the stage of commercial manufacturing.

Key Features:

An 57,000-square-foot facility equipped for robust process and analytical R&D, dedicated to translational services and CDMO R&D for cell and gene therapies.

Specialized Capabilities:

  • Scalability from small-scale to 50L+ for designing and evaluating new technologies with commercial potential
  • Comprehensive Viral Vector R&D encompassing AAV, AdV, RV, HSV, and LV, utilizing both adherent and suspension platforms
  • Analytical testing for translational services
  • Cell line cloning and adaptation
  • Nucleic Acid R&D for plasmid and mRNA manufacturing and analytics


Alachua, Florida Site - Thermo Fisher Scientific