Greenville, North Carolina, USA

Greenville, North Carolina

Our Greenville, NC site facility is a large, multipurpose pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging campus. This site provides both solid dose form manufacturing/packaging and sterile dose manufacturing, filling and lyophilization of both biopharmaceuticals and small molecules.

Specialized Capabilities

Greenville’s clinical and commercial manufacturing services include:

  • Solids
  • Sterile liquids
  • Sterile lyophilization
  • Controlled drugs
  • Secondary packaging of sterile products and solids

Technologies for Solid Dosage Forms

  • Multi-API granulations
  • Dry Coating
  • Encapsulation
  • Modified release formulations
  • Clinical trial material manufacturing

Technologies for Sterile Dosage Forms

  • Large and small molecule liquid vial filling and lyophilization
  • Aseptic liquid filling and lyophilization
  • Biologic drug products
  • Lyophilization cycle development and optimization
  • Aseptic filling and lyophilization
  • Packaging
  • Clinical trial material formulation, filling and lyophilization

This site features a strong regulatory inspection history from all major international regulatory agencies.

Recent Investments to Sterile Development Capabilities

Thermo Fisher Scientific recently made a $150 million total investment in sterile capabilities since 2015, including a $23M investment in Greenville, NC, as well as investments in Monza, Italy & Ferentino, Italy.

Continuous Manufacturing Line in Greenville

Our Greenville, NC site is also our first facility to feature a fully functional continuous manufacturing line.  Learn more about continuous manufacturing download the fact sheet or watch the short videos.