Pete and Lisa Beerse’s story: Navigating the aftermath of an accident

The missing element is partnership


One quiet Sunday, Pete and Lisa's porch swing broke, causing Pete to fall and break his neck. This left the once-active father of eight reliant on a wheelchair and in need of constant assistance. In addition to the physical challenges, Pete struggled with the emotional toll, watching his family step in to care for him.

Through perseverance and a year-long journey with doctors, they found the right medications, which Pete credits with saving his life. Now, they eagerly anticipate milestones like their daughter's wedding and cherished moments with loved ones. As Pete reflects, "32 years of marriage — it's not enough."

As an industry-leading CDMO in partnership with drug developers, Thermo Fisher Scientific is responsible for researching, developing, and manufacturing these life-saving drugs for patients like Pete worldwide. Watch Pete’s video to learn more about his journey navigating the aftermath of an accident.