Addressing challenges and key considerations for comparator sourcing in and to China

Webinar On Demand

Comparator sourcing is crucial for ensuring the integrity of clinical trials, but it’s undeniably complex — especially when it takes place overseas. Watch our on-demand webinar to explore approaches to overcome the various challenges of comparator sourcing in and to China. The webinar covers a variety of relevant topics, including how to:

  • Build a bridge between obstacles and solutions for comparator sourcing
  • Address concerns when establishing a commercial materials supply chain
  • Reduce risk and costs with a strategic approach to sourcing comparators
  • Make it all work, with a look at case studies and success story examples

You’ll hear from industry experts Sunny Wang and Nathalie Schattke as they showcase considerations associated with comparator sourcing for clinical trials and highlight specific ways a reliable CDMO partner can help with scope collection, market intelligence, sourcing activities, receipt and inspection, and distribution and logistics.