Amorphous Dispersion Drug Formulations: A Modern Simulation-Based Approach

Webinar On Demand

Nearly 75% of drugs in development have solubility challenges which often leads to failure in clinical trials. Fortunately, by addressing solubility earlier in a development program, timelines can be shortened and risks can be mitigated. By analyzing the physical and chemical characteristics of a given drug through molecular modeling, a rational selection of the most promising solubility enhancement technologies, including amorphous dispersion (AD) formulations, can be achieved before any experimental work is performed.

In this webinar, experts will explain how to use a structured combination of materials science and molecular modeling to develop a rational formulation design for amorphous dispersions with reduced empiricism. In addition, they will demonstrate how the use of high-performance computing provides a scalable modeling platform leading to efficient formulation strategies for drug product development.

Matthew D. Wessel,
PhD and Tom Reynolds, PhD