The CRDMO advantage: From supply chain efficiency to patient-centric value chain

Webinar On Demand

CDMO supply chains are quickly becoming value chains, where each stage from drug discovery to distribution presents an opportunity to enhance the final product's value for patients. This shift is underscored by increased collaborations between CDMOs and CROs, or CRDMOs, as highlighted in the 2023 trend report titled "The Nexus Between Patient and Big Pharma," developed by Thermo Fisher Scientific and CPHI.

Our webinar delves into the insights from the report, focusing specifically on the synergies between CDMOs and CROs. These synergies hold the potential to streamline drug development processes and expedite the delivery of safe, effective, and high-quality treatments to patients. Learn from industry experts as they explore how these collaborations can drive innovation and efficiency in the pharmaceutical industry.

Key takeaways include:

  • How intentional CDMO/CRO partnerships are key to forging a future that’s inherently patient-centric
  • Strategies for leveraging an integrated CRDMO to simplify pathways from discovery through to market
  • The critical role of the supply chain in clinical studies and the role of the clinical site in the value chain
  • Methods to minimize the impact of supply chain disruptions on clinical operations and patient care