Flexible Solutions to Speed Your Molecules to Phase I Clinical Trials

Webinar On Demand

When developing new pharmaceutical products, it is very important to get to Phase I clinical trial in a fast, efficient and cost-effective way.

With Quick to Clinic™ for Oral Solid Dose, Thermo Fisher Scientific can deliver a drug in a phase-appropriate formulation for first-in-human studies in as little as 14 weeks from API receipt to release to clinic. This process includes one-month stability testing data to help complete regulatory submissions.

Watch this webcast to learn how to address early clinical development challenges, and how Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Quick to Clinic™ for Oral Solid Dose can help with:

  • Speed and flexibility around formulation, manufacture, and clinical labeling/packaging/distribution
  • Cost and time reduction
  • Ensuring quality for first-in-human studies