Getting from R&D to IND – Pitfalls to avoid and how to succeed

Webinar On Demand

The road to IND isn’t always easy. Balancing speed, risk, and future needs is a challenge. Join Paul Jorjorian, Vice President and General Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific, to learn how you can take your molecule from discovery through to FiH trials, balancing risk and accelerated timelines while ensuring a stable foundation for future scale-up and commercialization.

We’ll discuss:

  • Why getting to IND as quickly as possible is so critical, and the common pitfalls often experienced
  • How integrated solutions can optimize and speed up the entire DNA to IND workflow and why they’re an effective way to go from an R&D lab to the clinic
  • What actions and strategies accelerate timelines without introducing risks that may jeopardize IND filing and delay time to clinic and market