Leveraging AI-powered solutions for drug solubility and bioavailability

Webinar On Demand

Early drug development presents formidable challenges. Notably, overcoming issues related to poor solubility and bioavailability is pivotal in transforming promising compounds into viable therapeutics. Conventional methodologies, while effective, often necessitate extensive trial-and-error experiments, which can consume valuable resources and time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are emerging as key tools in mitigating these industry challenges. These technologies expedite the identification of potential drug candidates, optimize formulation designs, and enhance predictions of efficacy and safety profiles, thereby reshaping the early drug development process.

Our webinar explores the evolving role played by AI and ML in early drug development, particularly in addressing solubility and bioavailability enhancement. Thermo Fisher Scientific experts discuss how these AI-driven innovations accelerate pharmaceutical research and development, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in bringing novel therapies to market.

By watching, you’ll gain insight into:

  • The advanced digital and computational modeling technologies transforming drug development and manufacturing
  • The role of AI/ML in predicting and optimizing drug solubility and bioavailability
  • Real-world examples using the predictive modeling capabilities of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s proprietary Quadrant 2®TM platform
  • Strategies for effectively implementing AI/ML in current pharmaceutical research workflows