Reducing the carbon footprint and associated cost of pharmaceutical packaging

Webinar On Demand

Efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and associated costs of pharmaceutical packaging materials have become increasingly imperative in the pursuit of sustainable healthcare practices. By implementing innovative packaging technology and design strategies, pharmaceutical companies can minimize their environmental impact while satisfying evolving laws and regulations. Through such measures, the pharmaceutical industry not only mitigates its role in climate change but also contributes to global sustainability goals and eco-friendly best practices.

This webinar explores these topics, discussing how to incorporate carbon footprint measurement, management, and data-driven capabilities into your packaging design and production process.

Key webinar takeaways include:

  • The risks associated with not meeting your sustainability objectives
  • The carbon impact of packaging production from “next use” back to design
  • The impact of sustainable design on your packaging portfolio
  • What to measure when calculating your environmental impact
  • How you can empower your organization to make data-driven decisions