Taking An Informed Approach To Technology Selection To Address Solubility Challenges In Early Development

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As the need for more targeted drug therapies has increased and drug development has become more complex, the industry has seen a corresponding rise in the number of molecules with low solubility challenges. In fact, up to 90% of today’s drug candidates are plagued with low solubility. In light of this challenge, drug formulators must look to new techniques and formulation technologies to proactively address low solubility challenges and ensure effective treatments are reaching patients in need.

Topics covered in webinar:

  • Challenges in early development posed by poorly soluble APIs
  • Predictive modeling and analytic techniques to drive effective and efficient technology selection
  • Amorphous dispersion and lipid formulation solutions to increase bioavailability
  • Advantages to addressing low solubility in early development rather than waiting to address after initial clinical results
  • Case studies

Jon Sutch, Ph.D, Senor Manager of Formulation Development, Patheon
Christopher M. Lindemann, President, Focus Pharmaceutics, LLC