Cold chain fully automated assembly and labeling of pre-filled syringes for clinical trials


growth in the sale of cold-chain drugs. Most will be injectables1, generating an increased demand for pre-filled syringes. The need for refrigeration tops the list of fulfillment challenges; the TOE (time out of environment) for these costly biologics is limited and for some, non-existent.

Sponsors are seeking supply chain providers that can provide automated assembly in the proper—and critical—ambient environment. This whitepaper provides comprehensive information on cold-chain drugs, processes, and a robust list of questions to be posed to prospective providers.

In 2017, Thermo Fisher Scientific became the industry’s first supply chain provider to make fully automated assembly and labeling of pre-filled syringes under cold conditions. Its newest innovation, the ProSyriesSM Pre-Filled Syringe Assembly and Labeling System 2°C to 25°C, is available exclusively at the Basel, Switzerland’s dedicated cold-room facility. This facility also offers a full range of options that include storage, and temperature-controlled truck-to-dock distribution.