Opportunities and challenges for clinical research in China


Today China is a dominant presence in the clinical trial arena and one of the most desirable biopharmaceutical markets in the world. This is expected to continue for decades to come. China is the world’s most populous country (1.4 billion), with an aging population experiencing a rise in chronic diseases associated with Western lifestyles, and a sharp increase in infectious diseases. Globalization has provided China with an economic boom, and Western pharmaceutical companies can realize significant opportunities to escalate drug development and reduce costs. Barriers do exist, including logistics, language, and cultural aspects. In China’s business environments relationships are invaluable.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is well-established in the Asia Pacific region with two facilities in China (Beijing and Suzhou) and an impressive 20-year track record. This whitepaper presents the opportunities—and challenges—of conducting clinical trials in China, together with proven strategies for success.