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At the center of every clinical trial is a patient waiting for a treatment to arrive safely and on-time. In the highly competitive, new drug development market, biopharma companies face a myriad of challenges—from balancing cost, time, and quality, to delivering the best possible outcome for their trial and their patients. As biopharma companies move toward an Investigational New Drug (IND) application and their first human trial, many of them find themselves lacking the experience and knowledge in securing a reliable clinical supply chain strategy. A reliable clinical supply chain strategy is as essential as a company’s discovery program—making finding a partner who can help guide a comprehensive supply chain strategy and manage day-to-day supply chain activities, paramount.

With unwavering dedication to serving clinical research and patients around the world, we are powered by people with an exceptional commitment to delivering end-to-end, high quality global clinical supply chain services.

Whether you need primary or secondary packaging of your clinical drug, storage, distribution, logistics, cold chain management, or comparator and ancillary sourcing, our global team can meet the needs of every trial regardless of size, phase or therapeutic area. We also offer import/export services, including Importer of Record (IOR) capability in more than 25 countries to date, and best-in-class direct-to-patient services.

Our 27 purpose-built GMP/GDP compliant facilities, supported by over 38 partner depots—located across five continents—provide the global presence, information systems and quality standards to provide clients the flexibility, access and assurance needed for their clinical trial.

What’s more, our continued investment in cold chain storage capacity, as well as distribution capability across the network, mirrors the industry’s evolution to handle increased quantities of complex cold chain biologics across many continents.

Spotlight on Horsham, UK

Learn about primary and secondary packaging of clinical trial materials at our Horsham, UK site. This site also specializes in automated global distribution and expertise in Cold Chain Management.

Download the Horsham, UK site fact sheet.

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