Small Molecule API Development

Fifty-eight percent of medicines in development are small molecules—many of which feature highly potent molecules. Additionally, 70% of drugs in development have solubility issues, requiring special attention to formulation. With competitive options for API outsourcing in all geographical regions, it can be difficult to choose the right partner for your project, regardless of its complexity.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific, our people pride themselves on solving your API development challenges. Our objective is to help speed your molecule through early phase trials and prepare you for commercial success, faster.

Whether you start working with us in early phase or late, we draw on years of experience and deep expertise to achieve industry-leading performance.

Whether you need small quantities of API for initial development work or many kilograms for a late phase trial, you can reduce the risk and raise the bar on quality of small molecule development with a partner whose reputation is built on both quality and excellence in chemistry.

We Make It Right the First Time—from Grams to Tonnes

Thermo Fisher Scientific gives you a complete range of solutions and services at world leading facilities in Europe and North America. Start with us and we’ll help you identify a synthetic route suitable for early phase API supply. Join us in later phases and get the insight and quality that leads to success faster. Throughout your journey to market, we offer you:

Partner with us and you can also seamlessly align the development and manufacture of your small molecule API and finished drug product. Our API development services can be coupled with our complete drug product services range, including pre-formulation screening, clinical development and commercial supply—we are a world leader in both. In big ways and small, and at every stage, you’ll capture the advantages of seamless collaboration between our sites, teams and operations. You’ll unlock speed, quality and efficiency in ways that no other CDMO can offer.

Download this fact sheet to learn more about our solutions to successfully develop and scale your API asset.

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