How to accelerate small molecule API development

In as little as 14 weeks from receiving your small molecule API, you can have your Phase I drug product manufactured, labelled, packaged and delivered to the clinic. That’s 1 month faster than most standard timelines and includes a one-month stability study.

Plus, you now have access to five dosage forms:

  • Blend in bottle
  • API in bottle
  • Softgel capsules
  • Blend in capsule
  • API in capsule

Benefits of our small molecule & oral solid dose Quick to Clinic™

  • Speed is important, but consistent high quality is a must: Our regulatory and RFTIT/OTD (Right First Time in Full/ On-Time Delivery) performance are second to none.
  • All the data you need: With 1-month stability studies, you’ll have the data you need to make informed proof of concept decisions and to complete your regulatory submissions.
  • Unmatched capabilities and experience: Meet the unique needs of your molecule and business with expansive resources and the experience of thousands of projects.
  • Lay the foundation for commercial success: You’ll establish a clear path that could take you all the way to commercial success. Reach your milestones faster. Never compromise quality.

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