Viral vector commercialization – Part 2:

Best practices in process validation lifecycle

May 17, 2023 by Staff writer (9 minute read)

Category | Advanced therapy

Viral vectors are a critical component in gene therapy, gene-modified cell therapy, and vaccine development, offering immense potential to revolutionize medical treatments. However, ensuring the safety, efficacy, and quality of viral vectors requires a robust validation lifecycle with various assessments and studies. The validation lifecycle establishes a strong foundation for the successful translation of viral vector-based therapies from the laboratory to the clinic, and is comprised of three stages:

Stage 1: Process definition

  • Process characterization (PC)/process understanding

Stage 2: Process validation

  • PVMP
  • Process performance qualification (PPQ) runs
  • Support PQs

Stage 3: Continued process verification

  • Controlled by trending program
  • Evaluation of process health

We discuss the validation lifecycle stages and best practices for process validation in the video below.

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