Drug repurposing trends—A CDMO perspective

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Drug repurposing—an approach to drug design and development using known clinical candidates or commercially approved molecules are evaluated for new targets and indications is gaining popularity in the last decade in the pharmaceutical industry. The high attrition rate of new chemical entities and de novo drugs in clinical phases has resulted in the rise of the R&D costs and forced the industry to look at drug repurposing or drug repositioning strategies. The obvious advantage of repurposing drug candidates is that their safety is likely to be established in certain dosages and in some delivery routes. As a leading CDMO, Patheon Thermo Fisher supports the pharmaceutical industry in bringing molecules to market and to patients, faster.

This webinar discusses the trends and perspectives on the low-risk, cost effective drug repurposing strategy to bring off-patent generics, clinical, shelved drugs or combination drugs to treat different indications and faster to market.

Listen to this webinar to hear industry experts, Anil Kane, Ph.D, discuss:

  • Repurposing drug trends
  • Strategies for low-risk, cost effective drug repurposing
  • Bringing off-patent generics, clinical, shelved drugs, and combination drugs to market faster