Fixed dose combination drug development: Designing a lifecycle strategy with agility & speed

Webinar On Demand

The development of fixed dose combinations and drug repurposing projects are commonly adopted lifecycle management strategies for the enhancement of individual drugs. These strategies tend to reduce the side effects or assessment of clinical efficacy in newer indications. Combining drugs that may have been shelved due to a variety of reasons with established, safe and approved drugs has the potential to bring safer, effective therapies to patients. In addition to this, there are also IP and business advantages to combining drugs. A systematic, risk based scientific strategy and leveraging the available data is important to bring efficiencies in shortening the development timeline.

Listen to this webinar to hear from industry expert, Anil Kane, Ph.D, about:

  • Growing fixed dose combination and drug repurposing trends
  • Understanding the technical challenges and addressing timely solutions
  • Leveraging scientific learnings and data of repurposed drugs
  • Building a scientific and regulatory strategy that drives efficiencies
  • Shortening timelines by smart working in parallel for scale up and late phase development
  • Building a patient-centric model focused on ease of use and convenience 
  • Managing patent expirations with lifecycle strategies 
  • Case Studies